New PlayStation Plus Rush Sale Ongoing, Offers $5

The PlayStation Store has once again proved to the world a new big time sale. However, this one is different as it boasts of exclusive deals that are as low as $5. Included in the big time sale are games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and the PlayStation Portable.

Big time sale discounts up for now

With the four devices mentioned, the PlayStation 4 has the most selections. Within these selections there's Bastion, Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition, Nidhogg, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. What makes these really cool is that all of these are just a whopping $5.

However, the fun does not stop at the $5 mark as prices even go down to $4. Some of these $4 games are Psychonauts, Goat Simulator and Risk of Rain. According to Game Spot, there are even some PlayStation 2 on PlayStation 4 games that are also on sale.

Getting these discounted prices is a wise thing to do

Though some might say that getting to spend $10 to $15 for a bunch of updated PlayStation 2 games, then consider this fact, you can get Rogue Galaxy for just a very low price of $5. You might even want to get the Star Wars: Bounty Hunter that is sold for as low as $4.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the PlayStation 3 also has its own discounts to show off. With the Super Street, Fighter II Turbo HD Remix along with Beyond Good & Evil HD sold for only $2, and Devil May Cry HD Collection is now only $3, there is surely no reason why gamers would not want to avail these games.

Battlefield 4 is now even only $5, while the Shadow of the Colossus is $4. For the PSP platform, Risk of Rain, Niddhog, and Bastion, together with Hitman Go are now only $3. Sony's big time sale will last until January 23.

Surely, these games are probably once in a lifetime opportunities. With this, it is a smart thing if you'll get these big discounts while they are still up.

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