Reasons Why 'Xbox Scorpio' Should Not Be More Than $399 Unveiled

Microsoft boasts that its Xbox Scorpio will be the most advanced and most powerful console in the market, even better than Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro. It is with this that it makes sense for these consoles to not have a cheap price.

Xbox Scorpio must have a fair price

However, it is also worth noting that Phil Spencer, one of the bosses in Microsoft, says that the console will have a price that is fit for a premium console. Again, this brings one to conclude that it will have a higher than usual price.

According to Gaming Bolt, Michael Pachter says that Microsoft would have a big problem if it was to price the Xbox Scorpio more than $399. Pachter also says in a statement to Gamertag Radio that Microsoft is experiencing problems with the Scorpio.

Pachter says that the criticisms of the Scorpio will be more or less similar to the one faced by Nintendo. If the price is high, then it would surely have a bunch of problems.

Xbox Scorpio has a fundamental upgrade and possible high price

Even though it has a big upgrade from its Xbox One S predecessor, it still needs to be priced fairly, and that it should not be an excuse to pump its price. This would then mean that if the Xbox One will still be priced at $300 in the holidays, then Microsoft would have a reason why the Xbox Scorpio would be priced more than $399. However, this might not be the case.

According to Segment Next, Halo 6 would most probably not still yet be released on the Scorpio's launch date. This is another reason why it should never be priced for more than $400. One can also learn from the lessons experienced by the Xbox One and the PlayStation 3 that a very expensive price would obviously not sell.

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