Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Transfer Red And Blue To Gen 7 Games

Pokemon Sun and Moon is still one of the most popular games today. However, since Pokemon Bank is arriving, players are given a chance to transfer Pokemon from first generation games to the recent games. The players can consider themselves lucky because they can use their old files.

How To Transfer From Pokemon Red, Blue And Yellow To Sun And Moon?

Luckily, Pokemon Bank will make the players lives easier. According to Mic, the players need the copy of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow before they can transfer their files to Pokemon Sun and Moon. They can get the digital copy in Nintendo eShop in their 3DS.

They need to make sure that they have the Poke Transporter app in their Nintendo 3DS. The app is the accompaniment of the upcoming Pokemon Bank. After they have downloaded the app needed, they can now select any Pokemon they want to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The Poke Transporter app is also compatible with Pokemon Black and White and also Black 2 and White 2. But there is a catch, once the players have successfully transferred the Pokemon to the new games, they cannot undo it. The Pokemon Bank is set to arrive this month.

Other Pokemon Worth Catching In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Even if they can transfer the old Pokemon from previous Pokemon games, players can catch the seventh generation monsters. One of the most powerful monster is located at Ula'Ula Island in Alola region and that the Mimikyu monster.

If they are looking for other options, the players can capture Lycanroc. However, it has a poor defensive skills unlike Mimikyu. Lastly, Comfey is one of the most balanced Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. There are a lot of options in the game before they transfer their old monsters in the game.

It seems that Nintendo is making sure that Pokemon Sun and Moon is still interesting. With the help of Pokemon Bank that acts like a cloud system between Pokemon games, players can switch from first gen Pokemon to even the seventh gen monsters.

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