Destiny: Rise Of Iron Guide: Xur Is Coming Again, Check Out The Details

Players can expect Agent of Nine, Xur, to come back in Destiny: Rise of Iron. The players have been seeing the special vendor once a week offering them exciting items like weapons and gears. However, his location is not announced and he just unexpectedly pops up.

Xur Is Coming Again In Destiny: Rise Of Iron

Players have been asking where the vendor is located this time in Destiny: Rise of Iron. According to Smart Stock News, Agent of Nine will be out in a Tower near the Speakers. He is right there waiting for the interested players.

Xur is already there because the selling of special weapons and items started on Jan. 20 and he will be there until Jan. 22. Next, a Legacy engram and that is a heavy weapon can be obtained for 31 Strange coins. He will offer Obsidian Mind and that is a Warlock Helmet that can be acquired for 13 Strange coins.

Helm of Inmost Light, a type of exotic Titan helmet that is exchanged for 13 Strange coins. Another exotic Hunter helmet, ATS/8 Arachnid will be offered also for 13 Strange coins. If the players have 23 Strange coins, they can get MIDA Multi-too. Lastly, they can get Three of Coins for only seven strange coins.

Important Details About Xur And His Store

As per Eurogamer, all the exotic items that Xur will be selling is offered at 350 Light level. His items vary everytime he appears in Destiny: Rise of Iron. This means that if the players want to buy what he is offering, they may only have one chance.

The players need to know that Xur can only be spotted in Tower or the Reef but not in the new Iron Temple. All the players can pay him a visit if they like to see what Agent of Nine is offering. The special offer he will give is in exchange of two strange coins for 1 Mote of Light.

Players may or may not be interested with Xur's appearance in Destiny: Rise of Iron. But still, they can visit Agent of Nine and check out what he is offering. However, they need to have Strange coins in their pocket because they will be needing them.

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