A Twitter Glitch Made Users To Follow President Donald Trump

Framed by its clear position against President Donald Trump, and the way the Republican uses this social media network to spread his messages on different issues to the world, Twitter is a victim of another controversy.  This time it made its own error and negligence, to the point in which it CEO Jack Dorsey was forced to make a public apology, something that is extremely harmful for a company which financial position is not exactly great.

An Incredible Mistake From Twitter

Believe it or not, what happened was that Twitter accidentally gave half a million followers to Donald Trump account, thanks to a huge mistake from the platform that users strongly criticized. Apparently, Twitter originally wanted to move 13 million followers of the Obama-era @POTUS account who were following this account before 12 pm, to follow both @POTUS 44 and the new @POTUS account for president Donald Trump.

However, things were extremely bad in this process as some users that were already following @POTUS44 after 12 pm, were mistakenly forced to also follow @POTUS. In fact, the worst thing in this bizarre situation was that even those who actually unfollowed @POTUS in the past were marked to now follow the new @POTUS. Actually, this situation also happened to other official administration accounts like that of the White House, the Vice President and the First Lady.

560,000 Extra Followers For Donald Trump

Naturally, right after some tweets from several users complained about the way in which Twitter practically forced them to follow Donald Trump´s account, CEO Jack Dorsey came out and explained the situation, apologizing for something that was entirely Twitter´s fault. He stated that being @POTUS an institutional account and not personal, Twitter felt only fair to transition accounts with followers intact, but no tweets. Also, Dorsey pointed that this situation affected 560,000 people.

Nevertheless, this is something that will definitely result into a collateral damage, especially the decrease of users, which is something that Twitter has been dealing with in the past years. Although it has done several measures to stop repeating this same mistake, it seems quite difficult that Twitter could increase its numbers.

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