Blizzard Entertainment Says They'll Make It Up To ‘Overwatch’ Console Players

Blizzard Entertainment Says They'll Make It Up To 'Overwatch' Console Players
Jeff Kaplan, director of Blizzard Entertainment, has finally reached out to the "Overwatch" console players and have announced that they will be making it up to these players soon. Photo : PlayOverwatch/YouTube

Blizzard Entertainment has been busy lately making developments and tweaks on "Overwatch" just to keep millions of its avid players happy. But because these series of public test region (PTR) they have carried out is apparently just available for testing through the PC version, it would not be a wonder that players of the console versions would voice out their concerns. But worry no more as Blizzard Entertainment clearly hears every woe when it comes to their beloved clients since they have already stated that they will be making it up to the "Overwatch" console players.

Just a day ago, Jeffrey Kaplan has updated avid gamers on what they have more in store for "Overwatch". But this time, the announcement is geared towards the players of the console versions, namely for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, who have voiced out their concerns regarding the ongoing public test regions, which is available so far for the PC version. The frustrated console owners have expressed that their grief regarding the bugs and glitches for the console versions of the game has been likely ignored since there are no reports pertaining to updates that concern the console versions nor is there a way to report in-game bugs and glitches players can run into.

Jeff Kaplan has addressed this concern and said that they are adding a new feature soon for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of "Overwatch" wherein players can report their grievances directly to the developers. Though it may take them some time, he has assured them that the team is working hard to put things into place. There was also a complaint regarding the drastic changes to Symmetra and Torbjorn's turret damage that has brought the console players in rage and Kaplan said that they are monitoring Symmetra and Torbjorn and are already considering the feedback regarding these heroes. The issue on why the console versions do not have the directing voice lines for objectives and teammates implemented, which is crucial for console versions since they do not have text chat features, has yet to be resolved and Kaplan said they will be working on it.

Blizzard Entertainment has been carrying out some public test region, or also referred to as public test realms, for some time now to make sure that "Overwatch" is up and running the way it should be. Unfortunately, the PTR has only been available on the PC version of "Overwatch" with the console players getting access to it sometime later, in some occasions. This has always been an issue with those who play the said first person shooter online video game through PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Blizzard Entertainment has already answered this concern and said that as much as they want to hold the public test region with all three gaming platforms, it was actually difficult to do so. It seems like the main reason they can't make the public test region available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is because they have go through Sony and Microsoft first for a certification process, which makes sense because having to tweak the video game means having to go through the required specifications that the respective consoles can offer. Carrying out the public test region on the PC version gives them the liberty to point out their mistakes, fix bugs, and put the changes into play with simultaneous patches without having to go through a lot of legal processes.

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