‘Overwatch' Players Want Widowmaker's Hook Fixed, Too; Mercy Bug Gets Fixed In New Patch

With Blizzard Entertainment finally rolling out some updates with heroes through a public test region, (PTR), many players are already giving feedbacks and even some suggestions that might as well be included in the upgrades. Apparently, many players are asking for Widowmaker’s buggy hook fixed, too. Meanwhile, Mercy has also received an update along with the new patch that just went live.

Not long ago, Blizzard Entertainment announced that they will be fixing the heroes and giving them some revamps to make the gameplay challenging and leveled. The PTR rolled out and because the changes deemed to be unfamiliar ground for players, they have voiced out their concerns. Blizzard recently announced that some of the skills of Roadhog, Ana, Sombra, and even D.Va will be modified.

So, people have gotten over that and are actually trying out the PTR with enthusiasm but it seems like some are pointing out that there are other heroes that actually need to be fixed. Well, Roadhog just got a Hook 2.0, which is actually a fix to his line of sight and the speed of pulling a hooked enemy towards him. Now, players want Widowmaker’s hook fixed, too, which is actually the most problematic of all the hooks in the game.

Widowmaker’s skill called Grappling Hook enables her to get to one place to another, even on terribly high grounds, by hooking a chain and swinging with it. But players have raised concerns that the grappling hook move rarely comes in handy especially when they cling on short ceilings, which usually somehow doesn’t lock and hold on. Blizzard has been very accommodating of its loyal players when it comes to their concerns and complaints, so hopefully the developer finds the time to fix Widowmaker’s buggy hook.

On another note, the latest patch just went live on Jan. 12 and it has revealed that one of Mercy’s skill has been nerfed. The patch has fixed a bug that previously allowed Mercy to resurrect players that have even fallen off the map, dead and should have turned up at the respawn points. The patch also fixed bugs that allowed Sombra to get to unintended locations on several maps in the game.

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