Blizzard Nerfs D.Va Yet Again And ‘Overwatch' Fans Are Not Happy

Blizzard Nerfs D.Va Yet Again And 'Overwatch' Fans Are Not Happy
"Overwatch" players are not happy with the current developments with D.Va along Blizzard's ongoing PTR. Find out what changed again and read on why they had to nerf D.Va. Photo : Overwatch/YouTube

Blizzard Entertainment has recently announced that they will be releasing a series of PTR, which stands for public test region, for “Overwatch” to tweak the in-game playable characters and enhance the competitive gaming. One of its experiments was D.Va and it seems like she has gone through another overhaul. With this update, fans are already voicing out their frustration.

Blizzard Entertainment started off and launched its public test regions to enhance the gaming experience for players all over the world. They had one main objective and it was to even out the competition wherein players would be forced to use other heroes and not stick to just one hero because of its attributes. To accomplish this goal, Blizzard Entertainment went through all the heroes and have set their eyes on the first set of heroes to nerf or modify these heroes to something less.

One of the unfortunate heroes that had to go through the modification is D.Va, who is a popular favorite by millions of players around the world thanks to her diverse fighting features. D.Va is a tank hero that withstand battles and missions for a long time despite her small health points (HP) thanks to her mobile suit and her being able to summon a new so long as she stays alive for some time. Aside from that, her mobile suit can turn into a time bomb that can be nuked anywhere and can inflict heavy devastating damage, even to herself if she does not take cover.

Along with her original features in "Overwatch" includes turbo charging into places, making her able to even reach high places and swoop in and out of a crossfire. She can also use this charge to tackle down even the biggest of the opponents that shield themselves from damage. Indeed, D.Va is useful and is a great ally whether she is placed on offense or on defense.

But it seems like that will not last for long since BlizzardEntertainmentt has just nerfed her, her skills underwent some noticeable changes that are actually a game changer to many. The latest modification has gotten D.Va in her new current features, which includes swapping her armor mobile suit’s health points with her own health. The armor of the mobile suit that has kept her in play and safe all this time has been decreased from 400 to 200 points and in exchange for that, D.Va herself gets an increase in her health from 200 to 400 points.

As if that was not enough to ruin her seemingly presentable skills that go along well with any missions, Blizzard Entertainment has even went on to downgrade her shooting skills. Her bullet damage has decreased from three to two and in exchange, she can now fire 11 bullets in one shot instead of eight. These current updates has gotten so many fans frustrated because it seems like D.Va has just become a hero that is less likely to survive in a battle, yet once again.

“Overwatch” players have voiced out their rage and said that Blizzard Entertainment has went too far with the mods with regards to D.Va. Jeff Kaplan of Blizzard Entertainment responded and said that the nerfing was necessary since they’ve noticed that D.Va has been highly effective with her skills and that her survival rate has also been very high. Since poor D.Va is doing so well, the developers think she should be brought down a little bit to balance things out. Frustrating as it may seem, fans are hoping Blizzard won’t stick to these new mods as the developer also said they will be keeping an eye on D.Va’s developments.

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