Final Fantasy 15 Unexplored Areas Point To Upcoming Content?

By Alvin Elfwine , Jan 23, 2017 04:10 AM EST

In games such as Final Fantasy XV, it's always interesting to know what sort of DLCs the developers are looking to release. Sure, it's no question that these contents will eventually arrive to the game. However, it's still a mystery as to what exactly they are. Fortunately, those highly talked about locations have something to offer to the community.

In a video (embedded below) from YouTube user Migl Siki, it features one of the locations found in Final Fantasy XV. It's called the Cartanica train station. The interesting part here is that access to this map was made possible thanks to a glitch. It offers a massive landmass, one that's deemed unexplored.

Although the aforementioned location looks nice in Final Fantasy XV, it can't be denied that it's still unfinished. This alone here suggests that the developers are still trying to figure a way to complete it, so to speak. Or perhaps, they intend to use this area as an actual mission field via an upcoming DLC.

GamingBolt, on the other hand, reports that there are actually more of these unexplored areas in Final Fantasy XV. Apart from the ones in Cartanica train station, there are various places in Tenebrae and Pagla, among others. This only further implies the idea of new locations in the game. Despite them being unofficial as of now, it's very likely for these claims from fans to be true. After all, what could those unexplored areas really be?

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the said locations, though they exist, appear to have no Final Fantasy XV monsters or enemies. Most fans believe that these are all but mission locations, and Square Enix is on the final stage of prepping them up.

As of this writing, the Final Fantasy XV developer has yet to confirm or give light to these unexplored areas. The studio has also remained mum about the specifics of the forthcoming DLC as well as its release date. Nonetheless, information about these are expected to surface in the next few weeks or so.

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