GTA 5 Update: Only Select Players Are Getting Rewards, Discounts; Details Explained

One of the things GTA 5 players love about Rockstar is the studio's generosity. The developer is full of surprises, giving the community tons of rewards or extra in-game currency. And yes, this is exactly what's happening right now. Tons of players are reportedly receiving lots of cash rewards and/or discounts, among others.

According to International Business Times, GTA 5 players are being given insane in-game money by Rockstar. This ranges from $250,000 to $500,000. And not just that -- the video game company is also giving away lots of discounts (ranging from 25% to 50%). The latter, in particular, cover the ones under the high-end purchases.

Apparently, Rockstar didn't give out any explanation or statement as to why GTA 5 players are being rewarded. But for YouTuber Dat Saintsfan, there's actually a reason behind this. He suggests that the studio is set to target the sales of high value items to a couple of select players. This is done by offering exclusive discounts, something that they receive once they log into the game.

In the video (embedded below), the GTA 5 enthusiast also explains that while the discounts and rewards are absolutely true, there's no way of knowing which players are eligible for such process. That studio, in one way or another, is smart enough to hide the main qualifications or criteria in selecting these fortunate players.

Other GTA 5 players, on the other hand, have their own explanations to tell. That these rewards or discounts are being given to players who decide to upgrade their respective garages. Or perhaps, they opted to buy a good number of brand new DLC vehicles in the game's online version.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the very first recorded activity of GTA 5 players receiving rewards was revealed a fan via Reddit. He shares that after logging in to the game (after a couple of weeks being on hiatus), he received a whopping $250,000 in-game currency. And take note: the amount is on the range of the aforementioned money Rockstar is giving away.

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