HTC Smartwatch "Halfbreak" Photos Leaked On Weibo

A leak which originated from a Chinese social network seems to confirm the HTC smartwatch.

A photo of the supposed HTC smartwatch was posted on the Chinese version of Facebook known as Weibo. The image shows the front panel of the smartwatch.

The device has a circular design with a simple black plastic bezel which, according to Wearable, suggests that the device will prioritize fitness. This coincides to a previous rumor that the HTC smartwatch is being developed again in partnership with Under Armour.

Codename Halfbreak

In fact, this isn't the first time that the Android Wear smartwatch from HTC has been leaked. Around October last year, a leak surfaced indicating that HTC has indeed partnered with sports apparel giant Under Armour to develop the Android Wear smartwatch. The leak showed images of the supposed smartwatch which is known by its codename "Halfbreak".

The photo clearly showed the logos of both companies printed on the back side of the device.

Weibo Leak

In the new leak courtesy of Weibo, the round screen is operational and is displaying some of the supposed details of the smartwatch. It can be seen on the image that the word half-break 5487 is present. This is followed by other details such as Versions (Touch to View), Serial Number (FA57LA00047), Build Number (half-break-user debug 5.1.1 LCA84 2272344 dev-keys) and Connection.

The work relationship between HTC and Under Armour goes back to last year when the two unveiled the Health Box. Their Under Armour Band did not fare well after its release due mainly to it not so appealing look and display.

This is a far cry from what other smartwatch makers are experiencing. Samsung released the Gear S3 late last year and is performing quite well while Apple is rumored to be in the process of developing a circular Apple Watch. LG, meanwhile, is scheduled to release the first ever smartwatches with the latest Android Wear 2.0.

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