League of Legends Update Gives Characters New Skins In Time For Chinese New Year Celebrations

Riot Games seems to take advantage of the Chinese New Year by making some timely changes to the characters of League of Legends, some are saying. The likely changes will affect the chests, skins and other things in the video game. They will be available to gamers at certain prices very soon.

Riot Games Began To Celebrate Lunar Revel In 2012

Since 2012, Riot Games has been celebrating the Lunar Revel. This is an event that is taken from the Lunar Calendar used in Asian countries, specifically the Lunar New Year. Riot adapted it in League of Legends starting on Jan. 10, 2012 and has since celebrated the event up to the present time.

Usually, Riot celebrates the Lunar Revel by releasing four new skins and renaming and replacing pictures of a number of consumable items temporarily until the event has passed. However, starting on 2014, the temporary changes started to develop into permanent store additions. In 2014, new skins were rolled in League of Legends out for Tryndamere and Riven that were called legacy skins. And Diana's skin stayed permanently in the store.

Some Think That League Of Legends Is Doing This To Increase Business

However, some observers believe that Riot Games is cashing in on the Lunar Revel by releasing the current skins in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations. It can be recalled that the game developer has just released the game's winter skins last month. Aside from those, there were also a number of legacy options and other stuff sold in League of Legends at that time.

Now, they believe that these new skins are being used by Riot to turn the event into a profitable venture. This serves the game developer very well since these skins of League of Legends really pay off. Several of these skins designed for the events are turned into legacy items. That means, there are only a few players who have them compared to the other regular but popular skins.

If players think that new skins are rare, they tend to buy them thinking that they will not be available in the future. However, some say it has been a long while since a champion skin in League of Legends was really rare. This led them to believe that Riot is just cashing in on the current Lunar Revel by introducing these new skins.

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