‘Overwatch’ Leaked Video Reveals New Capture Flag Mode, More Skins For Year Of The Rooster Event

‘Overwatch’ Leaked Video Reveals New Capture Flag Mode, More Skins For Year Of The Rooster Event
A Chinese video has leaked the skins for Mercy and Symmetra and has even revealed a new mode that will be featured in the up and coming "Overwatch" event celebrating the Chinese New Year. Photo : Lone Hawk/YouTube

It seems like more news has graced the world of “Overwatch” as fans have just been treated to more details regarding the up and coming Year of the Rooster in-game event. A leaked video has revealed a new mode as well as more characters' skins. It seems like avid gamers are indeed going to be happy during the Chinese New Year with all the great stuff stored for them.

Just recently, a local Chinese advertisement poster promoting the upcoming Year of the Rooster event for “Overwatch” was accidently seen and it took no time for avid gamers to share the news. Thanks to this poster, the skins for Zenyatta, Roadhog, Reinhardt, and Winston have been leaked to the whole world. Blizzard Entertainment only confirmed the Chinese New Year event with the reveal of D.Va and Mei in their own promotional videos donned in their respective new skins inspired by traditional oriental clothes.

Now, another Chinese promotional material, this time a video, has revealed more details of the anticipated Year of the Rooster event for “Overwatch”. It looks like Blizzard Entertainment is making up for some of the disappointment it drew from the recent in-game event, which was the Winter Wonderland event that celebrated the Christmas season. The said video featured a lot of the characters and even showed a new mode.

Aside from the already confirmed skin for Mei, the leaked skins for Roadhog, Reinhardt, Winston, and Zenyatta has been further affirmed as they made appearances in the said promotional video garbed in their new skins inspired by the main characters of the famous Chinese classic novel titled “Journey to the West”. So, it seems the previous leak was pretty much legit. Three other characters also made appearances in the video ad, unveiling their attires for festive Chinese event and they are Symmetra, Mercy, and Tracer.

Symmetra has been revealed to done a red and gold outfit paired with long slits that complete the accent of her outfit. And of course, she just had to show off her new skin while doing a popular Kung Fu pose, which might be one of her new highlight intros for the in-game event. Mercy also shows up with another highlight intro showing off her new armor and staff decked as well in red and gold but her wings show hints of green highlights. The one thing that has gotten fans more hyped is the reveal of a new mode that gamers are surely going to have fun trying out.

The said video ended with the introduction of a new mode, which is obviously Capture the Flag mode. This segment is revealed along with Tracer being in the center of it, a blue flag behind her, as she says that the objective is hers. All these skins revealed, confirmed, and leaked are reportedly limited and will only be available during the Year of the Rooster event for “Overwatch”. Aside from that, the said in-game event will reportedly run for some short span of weeks. The Year of the Rooster event will commence on Jan. 24 this week.

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