Pokemon GO Players Need To Be At These Locations To Hatch Porygon (Theory)

By Alvin Elfwine , Jan 24, 2017 04:00 AM EST

Among the interesting things in Pokemon GO are the patterns it continues to project. These give fans the drive to try to unravel the mystery out there, as they hope for something out of these. And yes, this is certainly the case with Porygon, a creature deemed to be an elusive one. Well, not really -- that's because it appears to be connected to certain locations.

In Pokemon GO, there are various Pokemon that tend to spawn on specific locations -- one of which is the airport. This happens over and over again. According to a member of the large Reddit community called The Silph Road, there's actually a pattern on the eggs acquired either near or within the aforesaid place.

The aforementioned Pokemon GO player suggests that eggs obtained on airports may possibly hatch the same kind of creatures. And surprisingly, Porygon is among these. It's believed that this specie right here is fond of spawning on public and private transportation locations.

Porygon is considered as one of the rare creatures in Pokemon GO. Heck, as noted by Business Insider, the first player to ever catch it has to go the extra miles. Why? That's because he had to hire an Uber just to ensure that he got to own this Pokemon for his collection.

The Redditor was able to detail the different locations where the Porygon Pokemon GO eggs were acquired. 8 of these were said to have been picked up near a public ferry's ticket counter while the remaining 5 were gathered from the airports. Obviously, this is not just simply a happenstance. There's a pattern as to why such scenario happens.

As of this writing, no other Pokemon GO players at the above mentioned community can debunk the Redditor's observation. Nevertheless, as a well-known group for the game, it's safe to say that the findings are close to reality.

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