2016 MacBook Pro & Surface Studio Specs, Features, Design Comparison: A Classic Battle Between Apple And Microsoft

2016 MacBook Pro & Surface Studio Specs, Features, Design Comparison: A Classic Battle Between Apple And Microsoft
Apple and Microsoft have had a long-standing competition between them in terms of both products and services. And near the end of 2016, both companies released their best products to date: The 2016 MacBook Pro and the Surface Studio. Photo : Techmagnet/YouTube

In a competition that has spanned years in the industry, Apple and Microsoft are again being pitted against each other for some of their latest releases - the 2016 MacBook Pro and the all-new Surface Studio. Each unit has its own features that are unique to its brand and in the industry. And it is understandable why comparisons of the same have been so well exhausted.

The tug between Apple and Microsoft has been long and difficult, as Computer World notes. And when the two companies give it their all, as is evident in both the new MacBook Pro and the Surface Studio, it is hard to choose between one or the other. It is Mac against Windows and a laptop versus a desktop.

What both items do have in common, is confidence. Apple has already claimed that the newest MacBook Pro will pave the future of notebooks. Meanwhile, the Surface Studio has been said to revolutionize the way the public understands and uses a desktop computer. Moreover, neither company is wrong.

As The Verge discusses, the main theme of change in both units is touch. For the 2016 MacBook Pro, it was about changing the traditional function key for something more deserving of the future. The Touch Bar is a touchscreen display that morphs into the appropriate keys depending on the current service in use. Meanwhile, Microsoft brought the touch feature to its entire screen.

The Surface Studio can be angled to almost a horizontal level, thereby making it easier for users to take advantage of its touchscreen feature. In addition, the Redmond tech giant also introduced the Surface Dial into the mix, an accessory that rests on the screen, which controls the apps by providing quick access to features.

The highest end model of the 2016 MacBook Pro retails for about US$2,800. The Mac lineup was always a more expensive option in the market, but that becomes increasingly obvious when compared to the price of the Surface Studio, which is a full fledged desktop. Microsoft priced the item at about US$3,000.

The 15 inch MacBook Pro has the Touch Bar that was previously discussed and is powered by a 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor. It also has 512GB of internal storage, but this can be configured to either 1TB or 2TB, depending on the need of the user. Its display is a 15.4 inch LED backlit screen with IPS technology.

Meanwhile, the Surface Studio is powered by the sixth Generation Intel Core i7 processor as well. In terms of built-in storage, the biggest option is 128GB SSD and 2TB HDD. Its crowning glory - the display - however, is a 28-inch PixelSense Display, with 4500 x 3000-pixel resolution, which converts to 192 pixels-per-inch.

In terms of decision making, a wrong one is not possible. However, in a market that is saturated with laptop models - Touch Bar or no Touch Bar - the Surface Studio just seems to be the more logical and efficient choice. But depending on the actual need of the consumer, the 2016 MacBook Pro might still win out in the end for its portability and function.

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