Final Fantasy XV Update: Moogle Carnival Event Kicks Off; Season Pass Holders Rejoice For The Treats!

Final Fantasy XV releases Moogle Carnival Event today. The said Carnival event is the game's very first treat following the game's release. While the event gives access to everyone, season pass holders are bound to get exclusive items and contents.

How Final Fantasy XV Gamers Can Participate In the Event

Final Fantasy XV gamers have to purchase either the Holiday Pack + or the Holiday Pack free version to own a carnival passport. The Holiday Pack's premium version, however, comes with the deluxe digital version or season pass.

With a Final Fantasy XV season pass, a gamer gets access to Tech Turbocharger, a Noctis device which has the power to accelerate the replenishment rate of the tech bar. However, players have to be careful in using the tool as it also has the ability to freeze an Armiger bar. The Ring of Resistance is also free with a season pass. This is a jewelry piece which renders resistance to friendly magical fires.

Final Fantasy XV event can also offer Tactician's Fanfare if a gamer has the season pass. This tool is a scroll of music carrying the jubilation song which can bring forth additional APs for A+ in Finesse. The Stamina Badge will also be available to those with season pass. The badge is a device that gives Noctis the power to hang and sprint without shedding too much stamina.

The Final Fantasy 15 event can be accessed through going directly to the City of Altissia. The place is celebrating the festivity through dancing, fishing, and photography. The event is set to end on Feb. 20.

Final Fantasy XV Fans Receive DLC Reports?

Final Fantasy 15 will have a downloadable content according to Square Enix. The DLC will include a number of single-player episodes which set focus on the companions of Noctis.

Aside from the upcoming DLC, the company also confirmed that gameplay enhancements will be provided, specifically addressing the 13th chapter. The Final Fantasy 15's Chapter 13 was initially described as the part that will receive the most enhancements.

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