Warfriends Now On Android; How To Earn Gold In Game

Warfriends, EA's tactical online action game is now available on Android devices following its launch in April 2016. The gameplay requires players to train combatants and lead them to battle through the use of weapons, jet packs, and drones.

Warfriends: How To Earn Gold?

Warfriends gamers will have to command a group of heroes. This will allow them to create WarCards that are vital in fighting enemies while in the midst of battles. In online matches, ranking is the main achievement scheme where players and their friends can battle either alongside or against each other. Also, players are permitted to personalize their armies, as well as deploy choppers and tanks when needed.

EA's Warfriends highlight a tactical 1v1 combat battle; however, there are also co-op modes and squad matches. The game is free-to-play carrying in-app item purchases with it.

Warfriends gold items could be utilized in training troops better and faster, as well as buy WarCard packs when unlocked. Gamers could achieve Gold through either winning the battles or purchasing them for prices that range $1.99 to as much as $99.99. Even when gamers lose in their battles, Warbucks can still be earned. These are instrumental in purchasing weapons and troops.

Warfriends Gameplay

As 1v1 multiplayer game, it sets focus on the death of enemies that the player's character goes against. This is made possible through breaking down AI troops and draining leaders' health.

Warfriends UI and controls are simple and basic; however, it may need a few explaining to master the tricks. For instance, in order for players to bullseye the target, they have to tap repeatedly. To be able to get a closer view of images, players need to press and hold the enemy's area so as to magnify the scope. The scope reticle, on the other hand, is tiny but can accurate aim and shoot.

Warfriends map can also guard players through a number of shields. Players just need to swipe right or left to get the wanted shield. Shields could be destroyed through bullets and explosives; however, they could be temporary.


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