Pokemon GO Latest News: No End-Game Is The Core Problem? Valentine's Day Event To Redeem?

Pokemon GO fans until now are waiting for the game developer's next event announcement. According to many, it is most probably going to be a Valentine's Day themed event in time for the heart's day celebration happening three weeks from now. Moreover, Pokemon GO players are also hoping that the Gen 2 will roll-out with the upcoming event.

Pokemon GO Gym Event Isn't End-Game

On top of all the excitement, however, is the ongoing issue that according to the players have not been addressed for months. Pokemon GO fans also added that they are losing their interest because there is not much to do with the gameplay after reaching a number of goals. Accurately, the problem is that the game has got no endgame.

While there are Pokemon GO gamers who claim that the gym scene is the endgame, unfortunately, it is not. According to other fans, the gameplay being pointed to is nothing but a cycle of kicking out, either gamers themselves or their opponents. Regardless of the specific levels the fans are in, gyms are only temporary and definitely, there is no endgame indication in it.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Release Date Very Soon?

In response to all the dropping popularity news, Pokemon GO is said to come back with a bang once more with the Gen 2 release. Niantic, the game developer, released the initial announcement during the Apple Watch's enhancement of showing caught eggs, changing tracked distance, and fixing minor texts.

While all these announcements sound major, more news have surfaced referring about a more extravagant update. A dedicated community for Pokemon GO, The Silph Road, discovered that Niantic has got 38 brand new moves within the game.

Pokemon GO added moves, according to the report, will include zap cannon, snarl, bullet seed, iron tail, powder snow, dragon tail, focus blast, and close combat among others. This data mined has started speculations that Pokemon GO Gen 2 monsters are releasing very soon.

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