Final Fantasy XV PS4, Xbox One: Justice Monsters V Pinball Machines Are In Two Hidden Locations; Help Screen Summarized

Final Fantasy XV: Justice Monsters V is a pinball game available in Xbox One and PS4. Although fans have initially regarded the game as nothing but a mini-game, the mechanics could actually provide gamers with the necessary boost to start-up the game.

Where Are the Final Fantasy XV: Justice Monsters V Pinball Machines?

The Justice Monsters V pinball machines are situated in all of Crow's Nest Diners. The special machine which costs 10, 000 gil each game can be located in the City of Altissia specifically in Pansino Street Station. The more expensive Justice Monsters V has, the better rewards it contains when compared to its 10 gil counterparts. However, both the expensive and the affordable machines are present in Xbox One, PS4 versions of the Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy XV: Justice Monsters V Gameplay

In Final Fantasy XV: Justice Monsters V, gamers should shoot enemies with orbs or pinballs with the aim of wiping them out of the HP. Wave is the term used to refer to a set of enemy. When a wave is cleared out, the gamer can automatically proceed to the next level. Occasionally, enemy bosses appear and gamers have to take note that more than anyone else, they carry the most HPs.

Final Fantasy XV: Justice Monsters V Help Screen

The game's basics like Hero Tech, Charged Shot Properties, Shot Types, and controls can all be found in the Final Fantasy XV: Justice Monsters V's help screen. Aside from all these, gamers should also pay attention to the elemental weaknesses such as the Light Vs. Dark, Water Vs. Fire, Lightning Vs Water, and Earth VS Lighting. It is also worth noting that Fire is stronger than the Earth element.

Final Fantasy XV Moogle Chocobo Carnival Live

Final Fantasy XV has also rolled out Moogle Chocobo event. For as long as gamers have their respective Holiday Packs add-on, they can directly go to the City of Altissia to be able to participate in chocobo races, carnival games, themed treats, and new sides quests.

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