Did iPhone 8 Just Remove Its Biggest Feature?

The iPhone 8's possible specs and features are one of the most talked about topics in the web right now. And one of the most highly anticipated features of the iPhone 8 is its wireless charging feature.

When the iPhone 7 was not yet launched, many were expecting it to have a wireless charging feature, but sadly, in the end, Apple did not include it. After that, tech enthusiasts were expecting the iPhone 8 to have the wireless charging feature based on the rumors that Energous has reached an agreement with "one of the largest consumer electronic companies in the world" in which many believed it was Apple.

But was it really Apple? Apparently, some do believe it to be true and had written an in-depth analysis report published by Copperfield Research of Apple and Energous' partnership regarding wireless charging technology. And according to the report, it is possible that the iPhone 8 will not carry the wireless charging technology for 3 reasons (based on several sources):

First Reason

Apple has filed more than a dozen patents for inductive charging since 2013. All of these patents use magnetic coils to transfer energy. This is in contrasts with Energous' wireless charging standard of the WattUp because it uses RF to transfer power.

Second Reason

WATT's retail investor base seems complacently unaware that IDTI, the main supplier of inductive wireless charging chips for Samsung Galaxy phones and Apple Watches, has stated that Apple will use an internal solution for iPhone wireless charging. And considering IDTI's position as the dominant supplier of wireless charging chips for Samsung and Apple, it would seem logical the IDTI will have a unique insight into Apple's wireless roadmap. IDTI's management has even provided concise and specific opinions about Apple's roadmap that are totally inconsistent with the WATT thesis.

Third Reason

Apple has called out in one inductive charging patent in 2011 that RF wireless charging technology is inefficient, complicated, and hazardous. And according to the claims, RF charging radiates power in all directions so only a fraction of it is picked up by the intended device.

But then again, this was filed before Energous debut its technology. It is also uncertain if Energous shares this same flaw on their technology or has a newer solution.

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