‘Pokemon GO’ Hits South Korea As Niantic Announces New Updates

Niantic Inc. is happy to announce that the worldwide phenomenon of a mobile game application called “Pokemon GO” has been finally launched in South Korea. Though it took some time, it is finally officially available in the said country. Aside from that, the developer company has also revealed the latest updates.

Just this last Jan. 23, “Pokemon GO” just went live and available in South Korea. Though it took Niantic Inc. some time, specifically more than half a dozen months to make it accessible in the said nation, the said mobile game application is still being received highly well there. South Korea, apparently is going crazy over the said mobile game despite being late to the hype.

Niantic Inc. has further revealed that “Pokemon GO” is only available in South Korea and not in North Korea. This is because the features from Google Map, which the said mobile game mainly uses for its in-game navigation system, is only limited to South Korea. It also has to do with the fact that South Korea and North Korea are currently in conflict.

Aside from happily announcing that “Pokemon GO” has been finally launched in South Korea, Niantic also revealed the updates with the said mobile application. The said developer announced on Twitter just yesterday that they are rolling out a new update for Android and iOS to apply for the Korean language support. Moreover, though the said update has only seen some few tweaks, some has delved deeper into this update and has found something’s to be excited over.

It seems found that Niantic Inc. is most likely gearing up to release several various new moves, items for evolving, personalized avatars, and even Pokemon. This has stirred up some excitement among players that have been avidly waiting for the update that rolls out new Pokemon. Though Niantic Inc. has not yet further revealed what it will be all about, they have promised to release the major update to “Pokemon GO” sometime next week.

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