PlayStation VR Update: Amazon Restocks Available On February 4, Reason Behind Stock Shortage Unveiled

The demand for the PlayStation VR headset may have been higher than what Sony had expected. According to reports, several online stores are already out of stock of the new VR headset.

Just a few days after the PlayStation VR officially released, its stocks have not been replenished in a number of partner online stores and known retailers. Right now, the only available stocks for the in demand VR headset from Sony are now being sold at third-party online stores at much higher prices.

PlayStation VR will be available on Amazon

Though the PlayStation VR headset is currently out of stock on several more popular online stores and retailers, news coming from MobilenApps has just surfaced, saying that the in demand VR headset will be available again for shipping at Amazon in early February. According to the news, the earliest target release date of the PlayStation VR headset from Amazon is on February 4, 2017.

The news also claims that they tried reaching out to Amazon using different accounts and that all the three Amazon representatives they have talked to said the same exact answer.

New Hope for PlayStation fans

Though the news about the coming new stocks for the PlayStation VR may not be ideal, the news has still been met with much optimism since avid PlayStation fans don't have to wait longer than a month for new stocks to arrive. As of now, no information has been announced yet regarding how many units of the PlayStation VR will be restocked and sold at official partner sellers.

In another PlayStation VR headset news coming from Metro, Sony Executive Kaz Hirai has reportedly said that upgrades and enhancements for the PlayStation VR headset are underway. According to him, there is still much room for improvements for the already highly advanced virtual reality headset from Sony.

Hirai also stated that these developments for the PlayStation VR headset will not come at a high cost since the VR headset is a consumer product intended for video game players.

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