Is The ' PlayStation VR' Doomed To Fail? Few Games, Recent Game Studio Shutdown Possible Factors

Sony's virtual reality platform, the PlayStation VR, has been out for three months now, but the company has barely said a word about its current state since its official launch. There hasn't been a lot of game titles dropping for it either.

Is PlayStation VR done for?

Following VR studio closures and Sony's silence on a massive AAA VR game - Resident Evil 7 - launching next week, plus a number of Virtual Reality games that seem to have disappeared all of a sudden from Sony's lineup, people are now wondering if PlayStation VR is doomed, similar to the same fate of other gaming gimmicks like the Kinect.

What started this speculation?

According to MXDWN, much of the speculation began when a Sony subsidiary, Guerilla Cambridge, closed down. Sony shut the studio down just last week despite nineteen years of solid operation and their release of their newest VR title RIGS: Mechanized Combat League.

RIGS was one of unique launch titles intended for the PlayStation VR, so the studio's closure was a shocker for many. Since then, the studio has announced that while the game's multiplayer will still remain online, they are going to be canceling all planned DLCs and other content, which is really unfortunate for the gamers who preordered.

Other indications

According to Metro, Sony also intentionally left PlayStation VR's launch out of its 2016 press release, where they bragged about the amazing sales of both the PS4 and its software. This made it odd to leave that out of the press release altogether, especially since even the PlayStation 4 Pro was mentioned.

Along with that, Sony also doesn't seem to be worried about resupplying retailers with any more PlayStation VR units. The device is currently sold out at their partner online stores and some other retailers like GamStop and Amazon and has been that way ever since Christmas season.

With this indication, it doesn't seem like the PlayStation VR will have much of future this year. As for now, it seems like gamers will have to settle for normal, non-VR while playing their regular, old PS4 games.

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