Nintendo Switch Touchscreen Works! Watch First Demo Footage Here

The Nintendo Switch was formally unveiled about a couple of weeks now but it is only now that a footage showing the hybrid console's touchscreen feature is making the rounds.

Switch Touchscreen Footage

The video in question was taken at the five-hour Nintendo Switch event in New York held last Jan. 13 which followed the Jan. 12 unveiling in Tokyo, Japan.

At the 6:35 mark of the video, a man with a Nintendo wristband, presumably a Nintendo PR Representative, is seen showing the YouTube hosts the Skylanders Imaginators video game. The man is holding the tablet portion of the Switch and is, interestingly, navigating the game by swiping on the 6.2-inch screen.

This is the first time that the touchscreen feature of the Nintendo Switch has actually been caught on camera. Nintendo did not dwell too much on the touchscreen capability of the hybrid console during the Tokyo event.

Nintendo Not Too Keen On Touchscreen?

Eurogamer, who was at the Tokyo unveiling, noted that the touchscreen feature of the Nintendo Switch was disabled when members of the press were allowed to use the console. Expectedly, many were questioning Nintendo's decision not to highlight this feature especially since the Switch is the first device from the company with a capacitive multi-touch screen. The Switch is also not the first console from Nintendo to have touch screen capabilities. That distinction belongs to the Nintendo 3DS.

While a lot of interesting new details about the Switch were introduced at the Tokyo event, not every bit was tackled. Aside from the touchscreen capability, other recent Switch features that have been revealed includes the fact that the Switch will use the TouchSense software from Immersion Corp. and that it will also have Miis. The Mii app is now part of the Switch's settings.

The Nintendo Switch, touchscreen and all, will be available starting March 3.

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