NES Classic Stock Update: Limited Number Of Mini NES Classics Coming To GameStop And Toys R Us

GameStop will receive limited quantities of the hard-to-find NES Classic Edition. Additionally, rumors say Toys R Us is also getting some.

It's only a matter of time before each and every Nintendo fan gets hold of his or her own NES Classic console. That is what Nintendo intends to accomplish when Nintendo of America head honcho Reggie Fils-Aime promised that there will indeed be more NES Classics available in the near future.

Why the Lack of NES Classics

After Fils-Aime explained that the gaming company underestimated the demand for the retro console, he sent word that Nintendo is doing all it can to meet the high demand. Fils-Aime stressed that the demand worldwide was too high as compared to what they anticipated especially since they did not consider the younger generation of gamers to be interested in the nostalgic NES Classic.

No Stopping GameStop

After the disaster of a December for the NES Classic, Nintendo is slowly but surely making good on their promise. Reports are trickling in that GameStop has received some supplies and is offering one console per customer. The $60 mini console sells out pretty quickly so interested parties may want to check Brickseek or GameStop's site first to confirm if there are still NES Classic units available before heading to the nearest branch. Better yet, give them a call just to be sure as the NES Classics are only offered in-store.

Desperate R Us

Some desperate souls searching for the NES Classic may also want to check out Toys R Us especially in the next few days. Rumors say the retail chain will be re-stocking on the rare console pretty soon, particularly on Jan. 26.

The NES Classic Edition is a modern take on the iconic NES console from the 80s. It comes with 30 games but hackers have recently found ways to add more to its game library paving the way for a renewed interest in the mini console.

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