NES Classic Edition: Target Looking More And More Like The Best Way To Get A Mini NES Classic As Successful Hunters Share Stories

More good news for NES Classic hunters as Nintendo seems to be following up on its word that it will have more of the mini NES available for its patrons.

Late last year, particularly during the holiday season, Nintendo earned the ire of many of its fans when it failed to produce enough units of the NES Classic to meet the unexpectedly high demand. Even after Nintendo of America chief Reggie Fils-Aime expressed confidence that everyone will have their own mini NES console before Christmas, the gaming company failed to live up to its word.

After failing to fulfill its promise, Nintendo is finally yet slowly granting the wishes of many by having more NES Classics made available. Retail store giant Target seems to be at the receiving end of Nintendo's good graces.

Success Stories

A number of people have voiced their excitement and relief upon finally getting their hands on their own NES mini. Over at Reddit, one user related how he arrived at a Target store around 5:30 in the morning as the second one in line to get the chance to get one of four available consoles. The store would open at 8 a.m. but the Redditor waited it out and eventually got his or her NES Classic. Unfortunately, the woman in front of the Redditor left and wasn't back when the store opened.


BrickSeek continues to be the best way to determine if NES Classic stocks are available in different retailers particularly in Target. A day ago, BrickSeek listed 7 NES Classics available at the Target store in the Atlantic Terminal while 6 were available at Harem Target. An impressive 9 consoles were listed at Target College Point while 7 were at Target Clifton. The fact that more than a couple mini NES consoles are made available in different Target branches indicates that Nintendo is trying its best to finally meet the demand.

Target isn't the only retailer that currently or recently had the NES Classic listed. ThinkGeek is raffling out the chance to buy one while Newegg, Player's Choice, and Chunk Toys have stocks available for twice the original price. Amazon will have stocks available in the next few days.

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