NES Classic Edition Restocked At Walmart And Target, ThinkGeek Winners Notified, Brickseek Continues To Pay Dividends

Success stories continue to pile up as reports of the NES Classic Edition being re-stocked albeit in limited quantity in retail stores such as Target and Walmart are habitually posted on sites such as Reddit.


Hundreds of Walmart stores across the country simultaneously listed the NES Classic as available according to a Reddit user who claims to have a Brickseek subscription which had access to all the Walmart branches in the United States. The Redditor's research showed that there were at least six Walmart stores within 45 minutes from his/her vicinity. Other Reddit users chimed in saying Brickseek has helped a lot in looking for the mini NES. At least one suggested not minding the yellow bar and to take the chance and visit the store. Another recommended downloading the Walmart app to get notifications when the NES Classic arrives.


Unlike Walmart, only selected Target stores are reportedly re-stocking on the NES Classic console. The report says there is a better chance that the mini NES will be re-stocked more frequently considering that a few branches had up to nine available units just a few days ago. Of course, with the demand so high, the NES Classics at the Target stores in the Atlantic Terminal, Harlem, Clifton and Bronx-Thoggs are most likely sold out by now.

ThinkGeek Winners

ThinkGeek gave out a chance to buy a mini-NES Classic and the lucky winners were notified via email recently. Those who got to read their emails on time are probably enjoying the 30 retro games in their NE Classics right now. But those who failed to purchase one must be content to know that someone else got the rare opportunity. Like this certain Reddit user who just received the "Secret Key" from the ThinkGeek Overlords. The Redditor, who hails from North Carolina, mentioned that the retro mini NES console totaled $72.70 with the shipping fee. At last three commenters on the post said they also got the NES Classic through the ThinkGeek contest.

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