Pokemon Sun And Moon Latest News: Third Global Mission Announced; Pokemon Trading Involved

It seems that Game Freak is not getting discouraged with the results of its first and second Pokemon Sun and Moon global mission. Both events have not reached its stated goals. Fans all over the world who participated in the first two events were not able to capture the number of Pokemon required.

Game Freak Is Giving Another Chance To Trainers

Now, Game Freak is giving another chance for trainers of Pokemon Sun and Moon to join the third Global Mission, which is to come very soon. The third global event for this video game will start on Jan. 31, 2017 and will run to Feb. 14, 2017. This time, players will get to trade their precious tiny pocket monsters.

However, Game Freak has not stated the exact objective of the third Pokemon Sun and Moon global event. This is based on a report posted on Nintendo Life. The game developer did not provide any further details about this event such as the goal that players need to achieve.

Trainers Of Pokemon Sun And Moon Were Not Able To Achieve The Goal

It is quite interesting to note that Pokemon Sun and Moon has been a commercial and critical success. And yet it seems the game developer is finding it difficult to inspire the trainers to get involved in its activities. At the rate they are going, it appears that global missions of the game have been taking place every month.

The first global event of Pokemon Sun and Moon had a goal of capturing 100 million Pokemon but players were only able to get only 16.4 million monsters. In its second global mission, the objective was slashed to just 1 million Pokemon, and yet trainers were only able to capture 661, 839 creatures.

Trading Will Be Involved This Time

The trading that will be done in the third Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission will be through the Global Trade Station. Some believe that the goal of this third event will be much more conservative than the first two. They say Game Freak would not like to have another disappointing event in their hands.

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