Could This Be The Game Changer For Climate Change? Experts Warn That Climate Change Is Set To Affect Milder Days, But How?

In the battle against climate change, how far has mankind explored just to find important facts that could help in saving the current situation? As scientists have continuously worked on predicting how climate change may affect natural phenomenons such as hurricanes, droughts, floods and other severe conditions, one thing that probably is being underrated is the mild weather. In line with this, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, and scientists from Princeton University have recently come up with the first ever global analysis as to how climate change may affect the frequency and location of mild weather .

Is This The 'Game Changer' For Climate Change?

According to reports by Phys Org, the new research, which has been published in the journal Climactic Change, reveals that in a global sense, the number of mild days is projected to decrease by 10 or 13 percent by the end of the century. This is all because of climate warming that has allegedly been brought up by the continuous buildup of human-caused greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It was also found that the current global average of 74 mild days a year will drop by four days by 2035 and 10 days by 2081 up to 2100.

Climate Change Is Set To Affect Milder Days

Furthermore, in one of their statements reported by The San Diego Union Tribune, Karin van der Wiel, a researcher at Princeton University who happens to be closely working with NOAA has explained that the reason why they have considered mild weather to be possibly at risk is due to their target of making climate change more relatable to normal people. Since milder weather is usually perceived as the best time for outdoor activities, the researchers believe that this information could probably make them more aware and hopefully make them think about it more often. Moreover, Sarah Kapnick, a physical scientist at NOAA's GFDL and the study's co-author has revealed that it is essential to improve public understanding as to how climate change will affect something which is as important as mild weather especially in an area cited for more research and more focused studies.


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