Samsung Galaxy S8 Competes With HP Elite X3, Smartphone Could Transform Into PC

Consumers have been very eager to hear an update regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. They are constantly looking out for any news and information that would showcase the device's feature. And just recently, reports admitted that the company seems to target the HP's Elite X3 as its direct competitor. The company is also reportedly making a desktop-enabled device that would change the entire course of smartphones in all parts of the world.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features Unique Specifications; Could The Device Be Desktop-Enabled?

According to sources, it is believed that Samsung already gave a sneak peek as to how the Galaxy S8 would actually look like. Reports admitted that the S8 would actually come in two variants, Dream and Dream 2. It would have a stunning display panel that are bezel-less and an iris-scanning innovation that was first spotted in the Galaxy Note 7.

Even before, the Galaxy S8 is already making a noise as series of publications gave out aa reviews as to how the specs and features of the device would actually look like. However, it is not yet done as it is believed that the company is planning to have a great range of accessories for the S8. Rumors revealed that the upcoming Samsung device could have a dock that would transform the smartphone into an Android PC.

The dock is capable of being connected to the monitor, keyboard and others to utilize the PC experience into its fullest potential. It is said to be possible because of the Samsung's version of the Continuum, the DeX.

Turn Your Smartphone into PC with Samsung DeX; Would It Be Just Like Window's Continuum?

As per reports, it is believed that the DeX would make phones transform into computers in an instant. It is a have a full-on Android computer experience with the Galaxy S8 users. As to the probability that it would really happen, sources revealed that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU is a great assurance that it would be possible.

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