Why Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Can't Outmatch Google Pixel

Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are two of today's household names as soon as they were released in the market recently. The two are tagged as the best Android devices that are currently available for purchase. But with all of these credits that they are getting, are they really equal in performance or the Pixel has something more to offer?

Google Pixel Considered One Of The Great Smartphones To Date; Did It Just Beat Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

According to sources, it was believed that there are certain features that the Google Pixel could offer that the Galaxy S7 Edge could not give to its consumers. Despite having great reviews, people were extra impressed as to how the Pixel looks like. Express admitted that while Samsung has its stunning curved display and top-of-the-line rear camera, Pixel has a lot more to show.

Reports stated that the first smartphone built and manufactured by Google would be more intricate in the details of the devices' hardware.  Also, its producers would be very devoted in keeping it first in everything. To add on this, few things were listed as to why the Pixel is actually way better than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

First is its Google Assistant. It is believed that the AI-based technology is grander than the features presented in Microsoft, Amazon and Apple. The said assistant is capable in answering follow-up questions and to understand contexts. The Google Assistant could easily accept queries related to your initial question.

Pixel Feature Greater Camera Specs, Outstanding Video Storage Revealed

Another thing that kept people in awe of how Pixel actually looks like is its excellent camera. Google Pixel is capable of backing-up full-resolution photographs and 4K Ultra High Definition to the user's cloud for free. The said feature could actually store any photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p.

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