Changes Tom Clancy's The Division Update 1.6 Is Bringing To Weapons, Gear Sets

A new update is coming to Tom Clancy's The Division soon. And yes, fans are excited to experience the new changes and features the patch will bring. Among these are the changes as to how both weapons and gear sets will function from now on. Apparently, here's a ballpark idea of it.

As stated in the official site of Ubisoft, Tom Clancy's The Division players will be introduced a good number brand new gear sets. One is called SEEKR, and as what the devs suggest, it's one of a kind. That's because it focuses on body shots. Another addition to the list is the Reclaimer, which has been developed to serve as a support function.

Apart from the aforementioned gear sets, there are also other Tom Clancy's The Division gear sets that have been balanced. They're not entirely changed significantly, but the developers worked rigorously to tweak them each.

Moving forward to the new weapons in Tom Clancy's The Division, the first one is the Exotic. This one here, unlike in the past, will possess various unique talents. Players, however, will have to determine first which of these are most useful and beneficial.

Aside from the armor, Exotic Weapon sets are also expected in the forthcoming Tom Clancy's The Division update. Players are even advised to go after these items for the main fact that they deal serious damage and sets. It's now up to them to locate and utilize the weaponries.

As previously reported here, the full PTS patch notes of Tom Clancy's The Division update 1.6 and Last Stand DLC have been revealed. This was done by Ubisoft just a couple of days ago. The studio, however, iterated that none of these are yet to be final. That's because changes are to be expected once the full version of the update arrives.

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