Why Battlefield 1 Players Should Be Excited About The New DLC

Battlefield 1 stole the hearts of many players. Since its release, it managed to acquire a huge following. Although the game is still new, fans can't help but wonder what sort of contents the devs have in line. The forthcoming one is called They Shall Not Pass. Here's why this DLC is worth every excitement.

According to Digital Trends, the upcoming Battlefield 1 downloadable content is set to bring a couple of new stuff. These includes a total of four new maps, a brand new mode and a country set to bring war. The content is slated to arrive sometime in March, though no exact date yet has been officially announced.

First off, there's every reason for Battlefield 1 players to get excited about They Shall Not Pass. One is the mere reason that it's the game's first ever expansion. Second, it's free (an obvious factor to get the enthusiasm going). Third, and most importantly, it recreates the most popular and iconic event in history -- the battle in the French city of Verdun.

The first Battlefield 1 map, which is called Verdun Heights, will introduce a forest that appears to be totally wrapped in chaos. This is where, as history states, the two rival entities of that time -- the French and the German -- fight as they try to overcome one another.

As defined in the official description, the aforementioned Battlefield 1 map will bring players on an "uphill battle." And as they do, they'll be in awe with the "massive fortresses of Verdun." It's also worth noting that the new expansion will feature, for the very first time, the French army.

Apart from the aforesaid, there are three other maps that Battlefield 1 players must look forward to. The second is the Fort Vaux, which will take them to a labyrinth of sort. The third one is called Soissons, a location that mixes the utilization of tanks and planes. The last one is the Rupture, which will take place on the infamous Aisne river. All in all, players are in for a huge treat.

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