Overwatch Update: Introducing Roadhog Hook 2.0

Roadhog is probably among the most talked about heroes in Overwatch. Well, this is due to his titular Hook. Since day one, this skill has been the center of topics within the community. Players have been clamoring about how unbalanced it has become over time. Apparently, though, Blizzard took those feedbacks seriously. It went under a couple of tweaks and balances. Now, with the new update, the new version of the Hook has been born.

In the past, Overwatch players were furious about how Roadhog's Hook can go through walls or pillars. That it somehow defies the science behind it, allowing the user to cheese other players at will. Of course, this is just completely unacceptable; hence many were glad that the studio shifted its focus towards it.

As described in the official Overwatch patch notes, the hero's targets are now deemed releasable. It means that whenever a player is out of the hero's sight, the skill won't work. Also, it's worth noting that hook targets (if successful) will automatically be pulled towards the character -- in front, in particular. In the past, the process was about taking the target straight to him.

Blizzard's work with Roadhog in Overwatch is really a commendable one. It brought significant improvements that somehow cleared the hero from all the bad rap it got. Well, the studio must certainly be able to do so. Why? That's because they've been working with Hook 2.0 for like almost a year now.

For most Overwatch players, prior to the arrival of the new patch, the character's skill has been deemed broken. And yes, this starts way back when the game was still in beta. For instance, he was able to hook opponents despite some barriers being there. Or perhaps, he can pull players either beside or behind of him. The community thought that the hook was some kind of a projectile that once locked will automatically follow the target.

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