Battlefield 1 News: Complete Guide To They Shall Not Pass 4 Multiplayer Maps

Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC is already out. The expansion pack will carry with it a new game mode, a new faction, and new multiplayer maps.

Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC Multiplayer Maps

Verdun Heights is the first of the maps, subjecting players to survive in the forest fires, which was brought about by the battle of Verdun. The Verdun Heights map features an uphill battle to Verdun's massive fortresses. When the end location is reached, a never-ending artillery will be experienced.

They Shall Not Pass DLC's second map is Fort Vaux. The map is a maze composed of corridors of wet stones and dark galleries.

Soissons is the third of the four maps. When gamers reach this point, a French countryside will be featured and players will have to participate in WW1 tank assaults. Fontenoy is the final map. Here, poppies are growing from tanks left behind by battles.

Aside from the maps, a brand new game mode will be in the newest DLC. The Frontlines, as it will be called, will have teams battle for a single flag each time until a pre-set goal is achieved. Also, St. Chamond tank and Char 2c tank, as well as Siege Howitzer and Elite Class will be in the pack.

Battlefield 1 Surpassed 15 Million Sold Copies, Morgan Stanley Predicts

Wall Street firm Morgan Stanley has raised its EA earnings forecast by three percent. The forecast was released based on the publisher's performance in games Battlefield 1 and Star Wars. Morgan Stanley pointed out that the company's sales were consistent throughout the holidays; hence, the 15 million sales prediction.

Battlefield 1 was one of the best-selling games in the previous year, according to data from GfK Chart-Track and NPD Group. The games ranked second in the United State's best-selling games in 2016, left behind by Call of Duty. Morgan Stanley, however, predicted that the Titanfall 2 market is less enthusiastic with only 4 million copies sold.

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