Dishonored 2 1.03 Patch: Why Hardcore Gamers Will Like The Update

Dishonored 2 patch 1.03 has finally arrived bringing several features that fans have been waiting for. A PC beta was earlier released to check if the update worked properly which seems to be a success given that the update is already available.

Dishonored 2 patch 1.03 Comes With Three New Features

Among the newest feature in Dishonored 2 is the custom difficulty slider for story missions. Although this seems very basic, the feature is reported to have over 20 sliders that can be adjusted in terms of difficulties in levels. With this feature, the players can check the number of enemies.

Dishonored 2 also comes with the replay mission that allows players to replay certain missions while keeping all the progress made. Prior to the update, the players had to restart the game in order to replay the missions. Now, the players do not have to replay the game from the beginning.

The updated Dishonored 2 reportedly fixed several bug fixes that are listed on the official website of Bethesda. Dishonored 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.

Dishonored 2 is Polygon's 2016 Game Of The Year

Dishonored 2 gets some huge swings with its environments, with two levels that players noted as the most interesting and memorable missions ever played - the A Crack in the Slab and the Clockwork Mansion. With that, the game has been included in the list of games preferred by gamers.

Within the world of Dishonored 2, the players are reportedly free to do as they wish with several choices not readily obvious until the second playthrough. Yet compared to other games that give an illusion of choice and impact on the world, Dishonored 2 is believed to deliver.


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