Pokemon Duel: New Pokemon Game For Mobile Devices Is Now Available For Android And iOS

The video game for mobile devices that was originally called in Japan as Comaster is now available in the West as Pokemon Duel. It already hit the stores of the English Market and is playable in Android and iOS mobile devices. This game is one of the Pokemon strategic smartphone games that have board game elements and figures.

It Is A Board Game Of Strategy Using Figurines and Cards

This free-to-play game is a combination of card game and strategy board game that uses Pokemon figures. Players build their decks with their favorite Pokemon and then participate in a League Match. They can compete with other players around the world which will give them the chance to get into the top League rankings of Pokemon Duel.

The Rules Of Pokemon Duel Are Very Simple

Gamers move their Pokemon figures around the board. Their goal is to land their figures into the goal of their opponents. They battle each other using cards when their Pokemon figures are facing each other. There are elements in the Pokemon Duel that most players of the Pokemon game will recognize, but some of them are entirely new.

Pokemon Duel offers players to win and get many types of Pokemon figures and items. But they need to make their deck stronger to increase their chances of winning their matches. It is a very in-depth game and players need to really think first before they move their figures.

Players Need To Buy Gems In To Unlock Booster Packs

Although Pokemon Duel is free-to-play, gamers need to buy gems to unlock booster packs. These packs contain new Pokemon and other items that a player needs to add to his team. Players can buy these gems from the store, or get them from in-game rewards.

Right now, there is a promotion going on for new players in connection with the launching of Pokemon Duel. This promotion offers rewards in the form of gems to these newbies. New Pokemon players are encouraged to take advantage of this promotion.

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