Microsoft Edge Tagged As Faster And Safer Web Browser, Would It Be Better Than Google Chrome?

While all thought that the journey of Microsoft ended with its Internet Explorer losing, it surprised everyone with an all new web browser. The company proved that it's ready to be on top again as it introduces Microsoft Edge. The said browser is tagged as faster and safer for Windows 10 users. In fact, it would be a lot securing when you use the Edge than the Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft Edge Safer Than Mozilla Firefox And Google Chrome, Explanations Behind Revealed

According to International Business Times, Microsoft Edge's tagline supports its action as it is revealed to be safer than the leading web browsers to date, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Sources admitted that the NSS Labs, an information security company, gave out series of reports regarding web browsers, in the areas of safety and malware protection.

The said report gave detailed information as to how the malware could enter computers through the program. NSS Labs reiterated how choosing a web browser would directly impact the computer's defense against malware. The study was made to know the strong points of each web browser's security.

Microsoft Edge Wins Over Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox, Safety Of Using The Web Browser Proven

In the test made, each browser is subject to the same set of malware enclosed in 304 suspicious samples. Through this, it was learned that the Microsoft Edge was able to block 99 percent of the sample while Google Chrome came in next with 85.8 percent of malware. This time, the Firefox came in last as the browser block 78.3 percent of the samples.

Reports admitted that the real reason why the Microsoft Edge completely blocked the samples is because of its SmartScreen feature or the "Phishing Filter". The said feature lets you know a possible threat would come if a specific website has been accessed.

With all this, it was suggested that it would be best if users would still choose to buy an anti-virus program that would possibly eliminate all malware threats on your devices.

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