AI Slammed Human Dignity In A Poker Tournament

People are still in awe of how AI-enabled devices are exceeding expectations in every way. Just recently, Libratus, an AI-system developed at Carnegie Mellon University is making professional poker players lose hope since January of this year. Sources admitted that Libratus is winning almost $800,000 through different games.

Libratus Humiliates Professional Poker Players, AI-Enabled System Always Winning?

According to International Business Times, professional poker players were left in awe of how Libratus works. In an interview in an online publication, Jason Les admitted that the AI-enabled system has been slamming the human dignity from time to time.

"It's not about the money,"

"It's about preserving human dignity, and it's not going well."

Sources revealed that Libratus is not made specifically to pay poker. The AI is dependent on algorithms of the rules of poker making it strategize on its own. It is cleared that Libratus is not capable of putting to itself emotion while playing. It is also not fond of doing risky bets or bluffing. Its gameplay was to used the most logical cards available, that made it different from the basic human plays to date.

Libratus To Be Utilized In Developing Devices In The Near Future, Would Users See Self-Driving Cars Real Soon?

On the other hand, it was reiterated that Libratus' developers are looking for ways to go beyond playing pokers. It was admitted that there are future plans for the AI-enable system to be used on improving self-driving cars, making transactions and forming excellent securities.

Artificial Intelligence has been widely known even before that it is not the first time that it slammed human dignity. The said system has been competing in strategy games. This includes Jeopardy and Chess. With this, many are hoping that there would be more series of innovations that would be released in the near future that would make life more convenient and easier.

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