Donald Trump Administration Blackout On Communication And Budget For Scientists; Sends Violent Rage All Over

The changes that have been made by the current Trump administration have sent many individuals and professionals on a rage. Just recently, newly-elected president Donald Trump has frozen the federal grant at some of the government agencies, especially the ones concerning many scientists and the like.

Trump Administration Calls To Hold Off Any External Communications With Some Of The Government Agencies

Many of the government agencies that dwell on environmental concerns, health and other scientific matters have been given memos to block their external communications. The Department of Health and Human Services, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture and the Department of Interior have been instructed not to make any further news releases, media or official website content until further notice. They have been told to have the need to consult their senior official before they are allowed to make any statements on social media or the press.

New Administration Being Devoured By Environmental Advocates And Democrats

One EPA career official made a statement on the matter, but chose to remain anonymous as they were directed not to make any statements to the press without consent. According to him, having been an employee of the agency for years now, that transition has always been a common ground especially when there is a new administration and that this is nothing different. However, many of the environmental advocates and democrats have strongly protested the actions made by the new administration, claiming that they are targeting and holding off all those agencies that focus on the environment.

There has also been what appears to be a Twitter war between the employees of some of the agencies and their new bosses. The former has claimed that the posts with regards to the attendance during Trump's administration was being deleted, showing that they have already lost their freedom of speech. There have been many violent reactions to the changes and actions that the Trump administration has made in just a few hours of his presidency. Twitter posts of some government agencies have been taken down and their statements on the media have been limited and filtered. Thus, this definitely does not work well on environmental advocates in America.

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