Death Stranding Update: Developer Will Make Another Approach To Avoid Gender Issues

Death Stranding Will Reportedly Have Some 'Humor'
Still of Mads Mikkelsen from the "Death Stranding" trailer Photo : KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS / YouTube

Death Stranding is already creating a buzz in the gaming community and the game is not even released yet. This is of course with the help of Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall Of Fame Awardee, Hideo Kojima.

This will be the very first video game from Kojima Productions. Although it was originally established last 2005, it was still under the wings of Konami Digital Entertainment. Hideo Kojima is known as an auteur (the brain of all collaborative works). He had made a name for himself that breaking-up with the massive Konami Digital Entertainment was not a big deal for him. His works are considered sacred and a masterpiece. Kojima’s approach to his creation is unique but also straightforward.

Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima, The Spielberg Of Gaming

Being compared to another artist is normal. Being compared to a legendary or iconic figure is another one. This is not the first time that we heard about the comparison of Hideo Kojima and Steven Spielberg. Both of them are masters of their craft. They have similarities that make them the best at what they do. These two legends are both innovative and perfectionist at some point. Their desire to provide a quality product regardless of how long it takes is very admirable. They will get down in the history books as two of the greatest visionary in modern times.

Death Stranding: The Game

We already know that the game is already in production and being developed by Hideo Kojima. The open world action video game will somehow eclipse any game with the same genre as stated by a respected website. The outstanding developer stated that Death Stranding will be a video game that we’ve never seen before. That is a bold claim but hearing it from Hideo Kojima makes it so believable.

The game will also feature one of the greatest artists that we have today. We are talking about none other than the zombie killing machine himself, Norman Reedus, or popularly known as Daryl Dixon in the Walking Dead Series. When they first revealed the poster or the trailer with Norman Reedus in it, the fans come unglued. This shows the magnitude of what Hideo Kojima is developing.

Death Stranding: Unique Approach On Overly Sexualised Characters

As stated on top, Hideo Kojima is a perfectionist. Not only he is concerned on the outcome of the game, but he is also keeping an eye on the most volatile topic today, gender or sexuality. He wants to make sure that once the game will be officially released, there will be no controversies attached to his masterpiece.

In a recent interview with BBC 1 Radio Newsbeat, he commented his sole reason why he needed a new approach with regards to sexuality. “What I really want to avoid is, like you see in some games, characters with big breasts with no back story,” said Kojima. “If I make characters that at first glance might look like this then they’ll have a deep background story to give a specific reason why.”

Therisre no release date yet for Death Stranding but who knows, we might receive it earlier as Kojima is fond of making surprises.

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