Samsung Galaxy S9 Might Use 7nm Chips Next Year

Just a couple of months before Samsung release its highly-expected Galaxy S8, the first information about a new Galaxy S9 has just arrived, showing what it promises to be a mobile device that will definitely represent a turning point in smartphones´ history, thanks to a specific detail that makes this mysterious handset something out of this world.

The Galaxy S9 Could Be Even Faster Than The Galaxy S8

According to Trusted Reviews, the information reveals that the South Korean company is looking to produce 7nm CPU architecture for use at the beginning of 2018 with the Galaxy S9, which is something extremely mind-blowing, given the fact that it means that it would be something much faster than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 that the Galaxy S8 -and just a few others mobile devices- will use.

This is mainly because the Snapdragon 835 processor relies on Qualcomm architecture and Samsung´s own 10-nanometer FinFET microarchitecture, and as long as the semiconductor of the chip is smaller, the mobile device can have a faster performance and better energy. If you put in perspective, the Galaxy S8´s architecture is small enough so it could run this processor and become the faster smartphone in the market, but the Galaxy S9 will be even smaller, so it could even be faster than any other mobile device that we have seen in the last years.

There´s No Information About The Release Date

In fact, this was already confirmed by Samsung LSI, the company´s chip division, Dr. Heo Kuk, who explained that the company is aiming to produce the 7nm after it succeeded in mass-producing the industry first strengthening cutting-edge process competitiveness from 14nm. Also, he added that the South Korean giant will maximize the advantages of Extreme Ultraviolet Exposure Equipment in the 7-nanometer process, which is something that the upcoming Samsung´s smartphones as the Galaxy S9 will use.

As reported by Know Your Mobile, what remains uncertain is the time in which the Galaxy S9 will be released next, which is likely to be the main focus of next Samsung´s rumors once the Galaxy S8 is finally released. Also, it´s not known if the South Korean giant will use a Qualcomm design for the Galaxy S9, or its own Exynos chip.

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