Pokemon Sun And Moon: Unlock Special Scene By Using Pokemon Bank Transfer of Lunatone Or Solrock

At last, Pokemon Sun and Moon is already perfectly compatible with Poke Transporter and Pokemon Bank. Trainers are now able to use the updated transfer service which is capable of unlocking a unique cutscene in the video games. However, it is still dependent on the players' sending over the right Pokemon.

Trainers Can Now Fill Up Their Pokedexes With All Generations of Pokemon

In effect, trainers of Pokemon Sun and Moon who want to fill their Pokedexes with monsters from all generations are now able to do it, without being rejected. The biggest attraction to this new system is the ability to complete the latest expansion of the National Pokedex.

But There Is An Added Benefit In Pokemon Sun and Moon

However, this new set up has brought an added benefit to trainers of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Trainers are now allowed to access a strange cutscene by using certain previously transmitted old Pokemon. They only need to bring the Pokemon Solrock to Sun or the Pokemon Lunatone to Moon, they will be able to unlock that special cutscene using a particular character found in the Haina Desert.

An Inquisitive Trainer Discovered The Trick

This trick has been discovered by some enterprising trainers. But the trick has been shared with other trainers. As a result, trainers can now use this trick to unlock the particular cutscene in Pokemon Sun and Moon even under normal circumstances. Even then, trainers must follow a sequence of steps to be able to access the custscene.

These Are The Steps In Unlocking The Cutscene

A trainer can unlock that particular cutscene by following these steps. First, he needs to transfer Lunatone to Pokemon Moon or Solrock to Pokemon Sun. Then, he needs to include Lunatone or Solrock in his party. After that he needs to fly over to the Ruins of Abundance located in the Ula'ula Island.

The next step is for him to go to the south and enter the Haina Desert. Then he needs to go to the western exit and head right away to the east where he started. After that, he should go to the southern exit. Then he should keep on going south until he sees an old man wearing a red shirt. If he will speak to the man, he will see the special cutscene.

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