Chrome 56 Update Revealed, Reloads Confirmed 28 Times Faster

Google Chrome has been one of the most used browsers in the world. It has earned the trust of consumers as it promotes faster web browsing. With this, Google reveals the features of the Chrome 56 update for Windows, Linux, and Mac last Wednesday. Sources told that the update would bring in two major changes that users would definitely love to have.

Google Chrome 56 Update To Feature Faster Reload, Bandwidth Consumed Expected To Decrease

According to International Business Times, the most-awaited update would be having a channel number of 56.0.2924.76. This would have two major changes that everyone would surely like. Reports admitted that the Chrome 56 would be reloading web pages 28 percent faster than the usual, making it more efficient in utilizing the bandwidth and power. Also, it would be giving information as to what sites would actually harm your passwords and credit card data.

As to the more efficient reload speeds, it is believed that the update would give in the fullest potential of the web browser in getting latest contents faster than the usual. In a statement given by Takashi Toyoshima, Google's senior software engineer, he revealed how the update would be more likable than the others.

 "We hope this faster reload will come in handy whenever you want to get the latest content on your favorite website or quickly recover from a flaky connection in the subway,"

In order for this feature to succeed, Chrome 56 update would be cutting down validations requests by almost 60 percent through changing the page reload behavior.

Chrome 56 Update To Ensure Online Buyer's Safety, Would Shopping Be Made Easy?

Also, publications revealed that the all-new update would have a feature that would safeguard online buyers. As per sources, the Chrome 56 will release websites that are looking for passwords or credit card information through out-of-date HTTP protocols. Those websites would be tagged in "not secure" in the address bar.

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