Tips And Tricks To Resolve Macbook Pro 2016 Hardware Problems

MacBook Pro 2016 has been one of the most controversial devices that have been released currently. Some users of the said gadget faced serious hardware problems that made them realize its flaws. With this, reports gave out series of complaints regarding the MacBook Pro 2016 and how would they be able to resolve it.

MacBook Pro 2016 Faces Keyboard Problems: Device Not Working Despite Being New

According to Macworld, there have been several reviews that were given online regarding the keyboard of the MacBook Pro 2016. Some told that the said device is not working despite being new in the market. They also told that the said flaw is alternating which makes the situation worse.

Publications believed that there has been a malfunction on the keyboard mainly because of its design. Though, software issues are not ignored as well. If the said flaw is happening on your MacBook, what you type would actually register twice on the screen.

With this, there has been a solution as to how users could solve it. Sources believed that the MacOS Sierra update would bring in light to this certain issue. For users who would want to have a swift answer, it is also suggested that users should try to ask for keyboard replacement instead of waiting for the update.

MacBook Pro 2016 Faces Speaker Problems, Device Is Said To Be Disrupting And Annoying

Another problem that the all-new MacBook is experiencing is its speakers. Consumers admitted that there has been a series of loud noises on their gadget's speakers. It was reiterated that the said noise is only evident on users who tried boots into Microsoft Windows using Boot Camp.

Reports told that the best way to fix the issues is to not use Boot Camp to boot into Windows. If the issue is still not fixed, you may try claiming the warranty with Apple instead.

With all these issues arising regarding Apple products, people are still excited about how the MacBook Pro 2017 would actually look like.

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