Snapchat Spectacles Might Be Having A Note 7 Situation: Could This Be The End Of The Smart Glasses?

Snapchat Spectacles review
This incident with the Snapchat Spectacles might be extremely damaging to the company, considering that it could become IPO in March, and needs to convince its investors and keep its reputation intact. Photo : The Verge/YouTube

Snapchat Spectacles are facing the worst moment in its short history since it was reported that one of these melted inside its charging case, while it was left in charge for almost two hours before turning into a wired mesh because of the overheating. Naturally, the thing about this situation is not only how concerning this is, but also that it makes customers remember what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was one of the worst failures in tech history.

A Delicate Situation That Could Harm The Company´s Image

Apparently, the owner of these Snapchat Spectacles explained that the pop-up store in which he bought this product previously charged the smart glasses using the provided cable, and an Apple iPhone main plug on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, people noticed the problem since there was a burning smell, which made them discover that the case had melted the internals of this product.

Explaining the situation, the owner told that the big button and LEDs became a wired mesh, and the case was extremely hot when he touched it, but it got cool once he unplugged for a little while. Also, he explained that if the Snapchat Spectacles were inside the case, it would definitely go on the same route as the Galaxy Note 7. Naturally, this is a really delicate situation that might harm the company´s image, in a moment in which is about to become IPO, and many social media network as Facebook and Instagram are cloning some of its most famous features.

The Snapchat Spectacles Could Be Recalled

Given this situation, Tech Crunch was able to ask a spokesperson for the spectacle´s creator Snap Inc. about the burning smart glasses, and the person responded that the team is already in touch with the customers, and is working with them to investigate every single detail about what happened, in order to find a solution the fastest way possible. Obviously, the person also stated that the team cannot make more comments until they know more about this incident, but emphasize that they would do whatever it takes to assure the safety of its community and that they will replace the owner´s toasted pair by hand.

Of course, even when it´s too soon to compare this issue with what happened to the Galaxy Note 7, the thing is that the Snapchat Spectacles might be entering a danger zone, given the fact that it remains unknown if the US Consumer Product Safety Commission will get involved. The reasons why this could be extremely dangerous is because this is the group that demanded the recall of the Samsung´s flagship after reports of overheating, which might also be the case of the Snapchat Spectacles if is revealed that this was not just a rare incident.

If this keep happening, the collateral damages would be catastrophic for the company, given the fact that the Snapchat Spectacles are one of its main products, and in addition to destroying the customers´ confidence, it would also be a huge problem to convince its investors about the potential of its highly-expected IPO in just two months. Suddenly, this company is entering into a dangerous downward spiral.

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