The Greatest Game Tools You Can Use On The Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Unboxing & First 48 Hours
Although playing video games on smartphones is something that cannot be compared with playing it on a PC or the original console, there are some game tools for the Galaxy S7 that make the experience a wonderful one. Photo : Android Authority/YouTube

Although Samsung had the worst moment in its history because of the Galaxy Note 7 recall, the South Korean giant managed to recover from this setback thanks to the quality of the Galaxy S7, which was eventually considered as the greatest mobile device of 2016. If you have this outstanding smartphone and also like to gaming, there´s some game tools that would definitely be a dream come true. Here are the greatest.

Unable Every Single Notification While Gaming

Let´s face it, one of the most annoying things when you´re listening to music or gaming on your mobile device, is the notifications that appear when there´s a WhatsApp message, an email or a phone call, given the fact that this is practically the worst kind of interruption you can have during these moments. Believe it or not, there´s a game tool for the Galaxy S7 that solves this issue in the best way possible.

This game tool is called No Alerts During Gaming, but it could also be called do-not-disturb, given the fact that this is something that unable any kind of notification while gaming on this mobile device. Naturally, is a tool that will definitely excel your experience and make you feel more relaxed while gaming, but you will have to choose carefully when to activate it, considering that there´s always an important call or message that needs to be attended.

Minimize The Game Instead Of Closing It

One of the worst things about playing video games on your mobile device, is that if you want to make any other activity on it, you are practically forced to close the game, which is one o the worst nightmares or any gamer, considering that losing the current status is the same as playing any video game without having the chance of saving the data. In short, is like going back to the days in which games were extremely hard.

However, the Galaxy S7 has one of the greatest game tools you can find, which is the possibility of minimizing the game, every time you want to make any other activity as getting into the WhatsApp to send a message. The tool will keep a floating window on the top, and whenever you want to continue playing the game, you just have to tap on it keep rolling it where you left it.

The Greatest Game Tool For The Galaxy S7: Record The Game

Playing video games on a mobile device is something that cannot be compared with playing on the original console and a computer, given the fact that there´s a lot of features that are missing, and disallow you to have a complete experience. Nevertheless, there´s a game tool for the Galaxy S7 that is practically the greatest among all.

It's called Record, and its main functionality is to allow you to record your games as an HD video so you could save it to your gallery. In short, this is something that gives you the opportunity to upload the video to YouTube, so your friends would see what you´ve done in the game. The best detail of this game tool for the Galaxy S7 is that in addition to record the game audio, also record the audio from the microphone, which means that you can even include a narrative in the walkthrough if you want to.

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