Resident Evil 7: List Of All Guns And Where To Find Them

Resident Evil 7 is finally here. Like any other Resident Evil game, it is a must for every players to know where the weapons are located for them to survive the game. Photo : MrReign / YouTube

There are a lot of things to consider in order to survive Resident Evil 7. You can’t always run or hide from those creepy Baker Family, although they are really very intimidating.

Some players rely on pure strategy or techniques to win the game. However, most of them rely on the weapon that is available in the area. Before playing Resident Evil 7: biohazard, it is a must for players to know the whereabouts of the game, especially the weapons. There are a lot of weapons in this game but not all of them are easy to obtain. Some weapon requires being unlocked once they finish a certain task.

We are going to name some of the best available weapons in the game right now. We will also include their location so that players will have more time in playing than finding these weapons.

Melee Weapons(Axe And Knives)

Axe and knives are very simple to used. They come in handy and they are not that needy like those guns who needs plenty of ammunitions. Axe is located at the Guest House(1F) which is the very first weapon you’ll encounter in the game. For knives, there are two knives introduced in the game. A pocket knife and survival knife, which is both deadly. The survival knife is located in the Main House(1F) while the survival knife is situated in the wrecked ship area(2F).

Pistols(multiple handguns)

The very first gun that you’ll obtain in the game is the G17 Handgun. It is located at the garage area of the house. It looks like the original Glock 17 that’s why they call it G17. The M19 handgun was the very first gun introduced in the prolog section. It is located in the attic and beside it are some bullets on. MPM handgun is located in the Save Room 1F at the Wrecked Ship. It is very tiny and easy to carry at the same time deadly.

Shotguns & Machine Guns

The M37 shotgun is located in Grandma’s room (2F) at the main house. However, prior to getting this weapon, you must have the scorpion key. The m21 shotgun is literally a broken shotgun, the location of this weapon is the same where the M37 is. During the game, you can interchange this weapon or better yet leave the broken one.

The first machine gun to be introduced in the game, the P19 sub-machine gun. Technically this big boy is handed to you as part of the main story. However, in the event that you accidentally removed or drop the weapon, you can find another one. The P19 sub-machine gun is located on the wrecked ship, specifically at the Captain’s office.

Heavy Weapons

These weapons should only be used in case of emergency or if you are being surrounded and pinned by zombies. These weapons can create great damage and will surely kill those zombies. First of is the flamethrower which can hold 150 units of gas. It is located at the old house 1F. Grenade Launcher is located in the storage room of the Master’s Bedroom(main house). It requires a crow key to enter which is very easy to find.

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