Seagate To Release A Massive 16TB Hard Drive Next Year

Deny it or not, there is really something about large storage spaces that make them so appealing. And for hard drives, each of us loves to hoard a few things inside that little digital vault; be it movies, animes, games, documents, or whatever is that you are into - no one would judge, because each person has his/her own person taste as to what can be considered precious. Which is why when Seagate announced a 10 TB hard drive last year, many people went crazy and wanted a piece of it even though it costs around $429 to $534.99 (depending on where you buy it).

Now, according to a report on, the same company that introduced the massive 10 TB hard drive last year is now planning to release a 16 TB hard drive next year. Another source then adds that Seagate released an announcement regarding more details about the company's plans for the future.

In the announcement, CEO Steven Luzco confirmed that their company plans to launch new 3.5-inch drives, the standard drive that you could connect to any computer, with massive storage options of either 14 TB or 16 TB. It was also reported by PCWorld, who covered the conference call that the said company is currently testing a 12 TB hard drive as well.

Now, with these many options and interesting details regarding Seagate's plans for the future, many tech enthusiasts are now wondering how much will these items costs, especially the 16 TB hard drive. Sadly, there are no reports or leaks yet of what could be the expected price tags of these storage devices, but it could be assumed that it will be a bit pricier compared to the initial price of the 10 TB hard drive last year.

And in case you don't have the patience to wait until 2018, there is another option. Well, there's always Samsung's $10,000 15.36 TB SSD that you could purchase for a more expensive price.

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