Pokemon Go Update: Datamined Codes From Newest APK Revealed

It has been a tradition for dataminers to dig into some new information to each released update of a particular game title. Apparently, Pokemon Go is not an exemption. Niantic's augmented reality game was constantly datamined since its release and fans are reportedly getting some new stuff soon.

Based on the report, the company recently released a new patch for Pokemon Go and dataminers wasted no time exploring the latest APK available. Most fans are relying solely on this datamined information since Niantic rarely communicates. dronpes from TheSilphRoad shared a very great summary of what has been discovered from the latest Pokemon Go update.

According to the report from Otakukart, there are several minor fixes found in the game code such as possible RAM optimizations that cover a more efficient memory usage collection. On the other hand, there are some fixes on Pokemon Go Plus which allows players to connect and re-connect easier.

In addition, a new term called Critical Catch has been found in the game's latest code. However, there is no further information explaining how this new term works. Some suspected that it has something to do with wild encounters causing some changes in its mechanics. Meanwhile, players are suggested to remain vigilant regarding Critical Catch.

The datamined codes also point out to a possible item encounter, which is predicted to add future functionality in wild encounters. On other note, a new item type called Candy Award appeared in the game code. It is believed to possibly bring a whole class of items that award candy for something which can also be related to buddy achievements.

Furthermore, an Unown badge is also seen in the game code. This points directly to the Pokemon named Unown. Based on the report, dataminers discovered lots of them. Lastly, weirder sponsor types such as Hood, Streamer, Slowcooker, and Mixer were also discovered. This datamined info surely brought in more interesting stuff to wait for in the future Pokemon Go updates.


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